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Colorado Landmark Founder Joel Ripmaster says Boulder is Seeing a Second Renaissance, Right Now.

Colorado Landmark, Realtors is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Founder and Managing Broker Joel Ripmaster recently spoke about what has changed – and what has not – in Boulder real estate over these four decades.

“I started this company during a heady but competitive time in Boulder,” Ripmaster says. He had come to the area in the 60s to attend college and play football at CU, and he never left. “I think of that time as a kind of first Renaissance. The world was just discovering Boulder, and a lot of the things our area is known for today were just coming together. This included the running world, health and wellness, and the organic companies that changed the marketplace.” This national perception of Boulder struck a chord with many people and drew them to the area.

“There was a real sea change in Boulder real estate about that time, as many of the local agency offices that we know today formed within a year of each other,” Ripmaster recalls. “My colleagues and I were working through many of the changes in how real estate was conducted. The market was strong and there was plenty of activity to go around for these new real
estate firms.”

In 1977, the price per foot for Boulder homes was higher than comparable homes in California. A taxicab delivered printouts of all currently available properties to the Colorado Landmark office, where they were placed in three-ring binders to present to buyers. Transactions happened at a
slower pace.

“We had CB radios to keep in touch with the office, and we used carbon copies to duplicate contracts, which have grown from two or three pages to 16-plus,” Ripmaster says with a laugh. “Before emails and cell phones, Realtors worked face-to-face, and it was a much smaller town so everyone knew each other. Your relationship with the broker on the other side of the transaction is a valuable asset, and we have maintained those connections over the last 40 years.”

Boulder today is a more mature community, but it still has the vibrancy to redefine itself as “disruptive” industries and tech companies like Google join the mix. It has lost none of its cachet and desirability, Ripmaster says.

“Boulder will continue to be an expensive place to own a home. By it’s nature, this is a luxury home market. And I think we’re seeing a second Renaissance going on right now. Colorado Landmark committed early to become the luxury leader in Boulder, and this has proven to be a good decision. We still lead the region in luxury sales.” Colorado Landmark is a longtime member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio International, the largest global network of premier independent firms.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you don’t have to be in the luxury market to enjoy the benefits of working with Colorado Landmark, Realtors. You can count on the same high level of experience and personalized attention at every
price point.

The company website, ColoradoLandmark.com, is a valuable resource for people who are considering relocating to the Boulder area. A directory of communities in the Boulder area spotlights what makes each unique.

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By L. L. Charles