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Flatirons Subaru Share the Love Program

As part of the Subaru Share the Love program, Flatirons Subaru recently presented a used vehicle and a $60,000 check to There with Care, a non-profit organization that supports families who are dealing with critical illness. (Photo: Jonathan Castner)

Flatirons Subaru Offers a Low-Pressure Car Buying Experience

The Crouch family knows the car business. As early as 1954, the Crouches could be found at their Dodge and Desoto dealership on Pearl Street. The family owned several others dealerships in Boulder over the years and in 1984 Bill Crouch became a Subaru dealer. Thirty years later, the family business was passed on to Bill’s son, Scott Crouch.

At a corporate dealership, you might be unlikely to even know who the owner is, much less meet him or her. At Flatirons Subaru, things are different. Scott Crouch is a part of the company’s daily operations and is readily available to customers. Dave Denu, the sales manager at Flatirons Subaru, says the dealership can better serve its customers because it is family owned.

“It is much easier to assist a customer or possibly bend a rule or two when you are family owned, rather than having to go through a corporate chain of command,” he says. “Also,  the owner, Scott,  is here on site to help with any issues.”

Flatirons Subaru has succeeded in creating a comfortable, low-pressure environment in which to shop for a vehicle. The sales force at Flatirons Subaru has an average tenure of 11 years. Denu says this low turnover creates a more familiar experience for customers.

“Our customers have continued to be some of the most loyal customers of any dealership in the country,” he says. “We have very little turnover in our sales department, which means the children of customers are now buying their Subaru from the same salesperson their parents bought their Subaru from.”

Denu, who has been with the company for more than 25 years, is proof of the company’s effective employee retention.

“I started here in January of 1991 and I can’t imagining working for another dealership,” he says. “This is a such a great community and I love being part of it.”

The warmth that the Subaru staff shares with its customers also extends to the local neighborhood. Community is a core value for this family-owned dealership. Flatirons Subaru is involved with a number of community partners, including M.E.S.A. (Moving to End Sexual Assault), Children’s Hospital, Boulder Safe House and several local high schools.

As part of the Subaru Share the Love program, Flatirons Subaru recently presented a used vehicle and a $60,000 check to There with Care, a non-profit organization that supports families who are dealing with critical illness. The company was also a major sponsor for The Boulder Humane Society’s 2017 “Puttin’ on the Leash” gala.

The Flatirons Subaru facility embodies another core company value: sustainability. Flatirons is a certified Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer, which means they have met green operation requirements in five areas. The company carefully ensures the safe disposal of potentially hazardous items like oil, batteries, and tires. They also use low-flow water fixtures, LED lights, and programmable thermostats to control energy and water usage in the building.

Flatirons Subaru is a full-service dealership dedicated to its customer base not only in Boulder, but also in Denver, Golden, and Longmont. Not only does the dealership sell new models like the Forester, Impreza, Outback, and Legacy, but they also carry a large selection of pre-owned vehicles and used Subarus. Subaru owners can also get replacement parts and service from the dealership’s expert technician team, many of them with more than 20 years of experience.

Whatever a customer needs, Flatirons Subaru is ready to serve.

Flatirons Subaru

Flatirons Subaru
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By Emma Castleberry