Indochine Home & Garden, BoulderIndochine Home & Garden is a great place to start.

First, a quick show of hands: how many of you are looky-loos? You know, those who like to sneak a peek at other people’s homes? If you’ve ever walked past a gorgeous house and thought to yourself, I wonder what that looks like on the inside?, then congratulations, looky-loo. You’re one of us.

Whether it’s a cozy mountain cottage or a palatial suburban home, getting a peek inside the character and design aesthetic of other people’s dwellings can give you a good read on their personal style, as well as fuel your own design inspiration. From decoration to organization and beyond, you can snap photos, take notes and scribble ideas on what would work for your own home.

When you’re ready to turn your ideas into a reality, Indochine Home & Garden in Boulder is a great place to start. After a six-year vagabond trip to Europe and Asia after his college years, Owner Hugo Brooks came away with a passion for Asian art, culture and philosophy. With that, he combined his love for design and the proverbial treasure hunt. “I love to shop, and I’m constantly searching out new sources of the practical, unusual, uplifting and outrageous,” Brooks says.

Since Indochine first opened its doors in 1995, Brooks has been fulfilling Boulder’s thirst for functional and collectible Asian home furnishings to add a touch of serenity and quiet reverence to any space. With reputable contacts reaching back 40-plus years, Brooks has managed to cut out the middleman through direct importing, eliminating mark-ups and bringing the exotic to the Front Range at approachable price points. “We have an extensive collection of unique architectural pieces from Japan, Thailand, Bali, Burma, Mongolia, India, China and Vietnam right now,” Brooks adds.

In his 10,000 square foot warehouse, Brooks offers both contemporary and antique pieces, unique lighting ideas, one-of-a-kind works of art, and other sought-after collectibles. And to spruce up your outdoor space, he offers designer – and frost-proof! – pottery, stone statuary, and outdoor architectural elements to bring culture and sophistication to your outdoor living space.

“We’re proud to have earned a place in the Colorado home furnishings market through our relentless efforts in customer service and presentation,” Brooks says.

Indochine Home + Garden, 7123 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303.444.7734;

By Laura Hobbs, Flatirons Tour of Homes