Urban Mattress

One size does not fit all at Urban Mattress.

Urban Mattress wants you to remember this: One size does not fit all. Never has, never will. If you’ve ever been pushed in the direction of a mattress you don’t want by a commission-based salesperson or promised the sleep of your life by a website with a two-page long return policy, it’s time to give Urban Mattress a try. Father and son owners, Rich and Philip Lotterhos, have built a business on understanding how personal buying a mattress really is, by listening to their customers, and by giving everyone who walks through their door all the space they need. A mattress store shouldn’t feel like a used car dealership.

“People are so used to getting pressured that they often come into our store a bit defensive,” says Philip Lotterhos. “We get it, and we believe that openness and honesty build trust. We encourage people to spend time making such a personal decision. Comfort is subjective, and time should be taken to figure out what’s the best long-term choice.”

Unlike big box mattress stores that are filled wall to wall with cheaply made mattresses, Urban Mattress deals in natural, clean, breathable fibers and latex and handmade mattresses and beds. While the store does a brisk business with budget-minded students every fall, it also represents private companies like Vispring of England, which pairs specially made and selected springs with incredibly soft fillings
like Shetland wool, silk and cashmere.

Urban Mattress competitively prices the best mattresses on Earth, including organic, latex, memory foam, natural, and spring. Its huge selection of eco-friendly mattresses are available in sizes from single to California king. Delivery is free.

“We tend to meet people while they are in a time of transition,” says Lotterhos. “We spend time with them and listen because our business model is the Golden Rule. We have the potential to really help someone who is having trouble sleeping, and that’s not something we take lightly or try to fix quickly.”

About 75 percent of Urban Mattress’ new customers have been referred. The Lotterhos’ and staff would be honored to see you, too, and help you discover how the right mattress can improve your quality of life.

Urban Mattress, 2830 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder; 303.440.0288; urbanmattress.com.

By Darren Thornberry, Flatirons Tour of Homes